PUREtrace ™



PUREtrace ™, safe and reliable fetal monitoring by Nemo Healthcare

PUREtrace™ is developed to use the most direct measure for utering activity – the electrical muscle activity of the uterus – for fetal monitoring. Due to the Graphium electrode patch, reliable information is obtained in a comfortable and entirely safe way. PUREtrace™ connects directly to existing fetal monitors.


PUREtrace technology

Fetal monitoring relies on sensors to measure uterine activity and fetal heart rate. The quality and safety of the existing sensors are under discussion worldwide. Nemo Healthcare’s PUREtrace ™ provides a safe and patient-friendly alternative for measuring uterine activity. This without the need of changing the existing fetal monitoring infrastructure.

When muscle cells contract, small changes occur in the electrical potential across the cell walls. During contractions, the electrical activity of the uterine muscle can be measured on the maternal abdomen. Nemo Healthcare’s Graphium electrode patch is applied to the abdomen and records this electrical activity non-invasively. The PUREtrace™ module amplifies and converts these signals to a recognized measurement method for uterine activity. As commonly used in fetal monitoring. PUREtrace™ is compatible with a wide range of fetal monitors.


Benefits of the techonology developed by Nemo Healthcare that increase the quality of pregnancy monitoring in multiple ways:
  • The measurement methods, are entirely non-invasive and therefore are free of the risks that existing invasive methods have;
  • Despite their non-invasive character, the measurement methods offer highly accurate information that correlates with existing invasive measurement methods;
  • By using an electrodepatch, Nemo Healthcare’s technology increases patient comfort when compared to existing external measurement methods. In the future, using wireless communication will further increase this comfort;
  • As you apply the electrodepatch quickly and easily, the technology is very friendly in use;
  • As Nemo Healthcare’s technology connects directly to existing monitoring infrastructure, it does not require large investments in new equipment;
  • The technology which Nemo Healthcare offers, holds the potential to provide unique extra information. Probably, that in the near future, this information will contribute to more reliable assessment of the condition of the unborn child;
  • To further increase the safety and comfort during the pregnancy Nemo Healthcare is working on a home and remote monitoring solution. This enables the ability to monitor the condition of mother and child remotely.


PUREtrace and Graphium are trademarks of Nemo Healthcare.