MicroScan, microcirculation at the bed side


MicroScan, micro-circulation assessment for easy, fast and effective treatment monitoring of critical care therapies.

The MicroScan helps physicians to easily monitor the micro-circulation of their patients at the bed side. Furthermore it is a valuable tool for patient and treatment monitoring throughout their stay at the intensive care and even more so in situations of sepsis, severe sepsis and septic shock.

The MicroScan allows physicians valuable insight and understanding in the most important organ in the human body, being the smallest blood vessels. The micro-circulation occupies a vital position in between the atrial and venous compartments, where nutrients and waste products are exchanged. A malfunctioning micro-circulation (hypo perfusion) leads to cell hypoxia and death, which in turn leads to (if not corrected in time) organ failure and death.

The MicroScan is a hand held video microscope with green LED illumination (540mm). It is available in 5x magnification and allows a field of view of 0.94mm x 0,75mm at a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels.


The automatic analysis software

Our validated, real time and fully automatic Automated Vascular Analysis (AVA) tool provides the user all the scores dictated by the international micro-circulation assessment consensus meeting. The new Automated Vascular Analysis 4.0 research software, is a completely revolutionized micro-circulatory image analysis software. They use this software for the MicroScan system. View a real time video of AVA 4.0 here.


The key features of this new research software:
  • Real-time feedback assisted capture of videos of the micro-circulation (feedback on image illumination, focus and stability).
  • Capturing in automatic and manual mode.
  • Analysis within seconds, resulting in automatic segmentation of vessel boundaries. This with ceterline and automatic measurement of analysis parameters like – De Backer Score, proportion of Perfused Vessels, etc.
  • After the analysis it saves a report with analysis results, tables, graphs and images of the segmentation.
  • Offline analysis of the saved videos (separate purchase).


The MicroScan consists of:



There is currently no other analysis tool available that can fully automatically analyse microcirculatory images. In case you would like to get a quote or a demo of the system? Please get in touch with us by mail or call us directly: +31412690461!

For Frequently asked questions (FAQ), please visit the website of MicroVision Medical. Here you will find all the answers to your questions regarding the MicoScan System.


This product is FDA approved