MedZense van ZIGN Medical



MedZense: “The first full spectrum, universal light guide cable and endoscope testing solution.”.

ZIGN Medical is an innovative product development company focused on supplying high quality solutions for the medical industry. Zign Medical is committed to supporting technical and sterilization departments in hospitals with testing and materials management solutions. Their products play a crucial role in assuring and maintaining high standards for tools used in hospital OR’s resulting in high quality healthcare for patients.

MedZense testing products

Zign Medical developed the MedZense LG20 and LG20-e to allow hospitals to objectively and efficiently assess the light transmitting quality of light guide cables and endoscopes. It is the first universal solution supporting all major brands of light guide cables and a wide variety of rigid endoscopes. It is also the first solution which tests the cable quality across the visible light spectrum.

Testing your light guide cables and endoscopes helps to prevent bad functioning tools being used during minimally invasive surgery. This results in better light, better contrast and ultimately decreases patient risk, delays and cost. There are two versions available: The LG20 and the LG20-e.


The MedZense LG20 is the only light guide cable testing device available that supports all major cable fittings. From now on, you only need one device to test a wide variety of cables. This provides flexibility whilst maintaining an efficient testing procedure. Operating the device is straight forward and intuitive. This allows for easy integration in the CSSD process.


The LG20 can be expanded with a separate testing probe for endoscopes. With the probe (PT10) connected to the main unit you can test the full light transmitting system, both cable and endoscope. This allows you to see which part of the system is not performing. Where traditionally the cable is often blamed for bad light, our experience shows that also the light transmission of endoscopes is frequently deteriorated.

Why is it important to measure light performance?

During minimally invasive surgery, it is crucial to have good visibility. Both the light intensity and the composition of light are important. Bad cables and endoscopes can result in either low intensity or in bad contrast due to the composition of light.

Spectrum measurement

Besides testing on white light, the MedZense LG20 measures the light transmission across the visible light spectrum. This unique feature allows you to prevent loss of contrast, especially on red subjects, during procedures.


Effect of color loss (digital simulation)


Perfect white light consists of light of equal intensity across the visible light spectrum. Due to dirty, burnt or broken light fibers, the transmission of color on the short wave length of the spectrum (blue, then green) decrease faster then the colors on the long wave length side of the spectrum (red). More red light results in decreased contrast on the color red. The MedZense LG20 measures between approximately 460 and 650 nm.


The visible light spectrum (wave length in nm)


The MedZense products have the following unique advantages:
  • Test rigid endoscopes from 2,7 to 10 mm
  • Easy to use ergonomics
  • Intuitive and multi lingual user interface
  • Objective measurement of cable performance
  • Reliable and fast testing procedure
  • Adjustable acceptance and rejection levelsAll major types of fittings are supported
  • Robust design, European quality materials
  • Test white light and across the full visible light spectrum