APAD, Acoustic puncture assist device

Acoustic puncture assist device


APAD, the Acoustic Puncture Assist Device

TAcoustic puncture assist devicehe APAD is a revolutionary device to localize the epidural space by means of an acoustic signal. This device measures the pressure in an extension tube between the epidural needle and the syringe placed in a pump. The generated pressure is translated into a corresponding acoustic and visible signal.

The device enables the anesthesiologist to handle the epidural needle with both hands and to detect the epidural space by means of the acoustic signal. The method has been proven to be reliable, safe, and simple in several studies.

The benefits of the new epidural puncture technique include; first of all registration and documentation of the epidural puncture, better needle control, certitude that the epidural space can be checked and APAD is an outstanding educational tool.

In addition to other medical equipment, the APAD, Acoustic Puncture Assist Device, has the following unique advantages:

  • Registration and documentation of the epidural puncture
  • Guaranteed finding of the epidural space
  • Penetration of the epidural space is indicated by a clear variation of the acoustic signal
  • Acoustic monitoring is superior to the sense of touch
  • Two handed technique for absolute needle control
  • An outstanding educational tool
  • Monitoring of the different layers guarantees a safe procedure


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Please see in the video below how the APAD works: